Q-bo Ceramic

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Here is some things you’d like to know about us,
about our brand, about our principles.

We believe that every construction deserves to be exclusive and excellent. We believe that homes need to be personal and customized. We believe the offices and shops have to be great. With these beliefs, we design and produce tiles that do exactly that. Meet our beliefs. We are here to make the world an excellent place to live in.


Q-bo Ceramic

The top management of our company is focused on running the business of tiles to a standard where every product is extraordinary. They set up high standards of work ethics and quality perspective in all the activities. The people of the company follow the culture of delivering onto the Brand promise made by our products and the top management.

The correct balance of latest technology and best Raw material guarantee that we will produce great tiles consistently. Located at Morbi the epicenter of Tile Manufacturing in India, we are already leaders in the Indian markets. We are sure to make our footprints in international tiles markets soon.

Q-bo Ceramic


Making homes and work places excellent by delivering high quality tiles and tiling solution to the world. Become one of the most admired global leaders in manufacture of tiles by 2020.


Improve the quality of tiles consistently to always give the world better tiles that last for a lifetime.

Design the most magnificent and attractive tiles for Walls and floors to give exclusive touch and feel to any construction.

Expand the brand value and product reach to global level by persistently focusing on marketing activities.

Our Mission
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